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If you read the blog mentioned above, you'll come across references to the following photos.

Blogs of 30 April, 4 May and 3 June, 2005: The Artificial Hill

Blog of 28 May 2005: The bay where The Serpent was wrecked.

The Cemetery of the English [where the drowned were buried] caught in the evening sun.

The Captain and a couple of the film crew, before his face was changed from orange to bright red by the combination of fierce wind, sea-spray and morning drizzle.

The Captain with said red face, and Ryan

Pontevedra's Chav Cars

The Pontevedra slang for chav is marulo. And chavettes are marulas. When it comes to cars, they like them 'tuned', or customised. Here are some of the those I've seen on the local streets.

Pontevedra Statues

In the last couple of years, we've been blessed with a number of statues in the middle of the town's ever-increasing number of roundabouts ['circles' to my American readers]. The best that can be said of these is that they brighten my day whenever I drive past them. My own theory is that they have been done by somebody's relative. Or perhaps their six year old child. Here's a representative sample.

Granite Carvings

I live next to a school for granite carvers and every day I cross their car park, en route to the forest. In the last year or so, a number of carvings have been strategically placed around this area and I believe they merit wider appreciation than that of just me and Ryan. So here they are.


By popular request, here he is...

Finally, More of Me

 In the pink and with wonky sunglasses - engaged in my day job, begging in Santiago.

And again, taken in a bar with my friend Andrew. But, as he is younger and better looking than me, I have cut him out - using my new-found skills with Adobe Paint-Shop. The most revealing aspect of these 2 photos, I have belatedly realised, is that I only have one shirt.

Conscious that one can't say 'my friend, Andrew' these days without inciting speculation, I should add that Andrew's wife was back in the bodega they successfully co-run. Sorry if this disappoints some some of my readers.