For the occasional cloudy or rainy day, there is a wide choice in Pontevedra and Vigo. There are also several fine museums in Santiago but these are currently outwith the scope of this guide.

The Museum of Pontevedra


This really is an excellent little museum, situated in , C/- Pasantería, just alongside Praza de Leña.


Opening times are:

 June-Sept: Tues- Sat. 10am to 2.15pm  & 5 to 8.45pm    Sun. 11am to 1pm
 Oct-May:  Tues- Sat. 10am to 1.30pm  & 4.30 to 8pm    Sun. 11am to 1pm

Bank Holidays – 11am to 2pm
Closed on Mondays
Entry is free to EU nationals, with proof of identity, and a brochure in English is available.


Five buildings share the museum’s collection :-

The Castro Monteagudo building houses archaeological remains, pre-Roman and Roman gold and silverware and Spanish, Italian and Flemish art from the 15th to 18th centuries. Amongst the contents are exhibits of jet jewellery from Santiago de Compostela and works of several Spanish masters – Ribera, Zubarán and Murillo. The displays of jet are second only to those in New York and Madrid.

In the linked García Florez building you will find the office of Admiral Méndez Núñez, a reproduction of the frigate ‘Numancia’, religious sculptures, glassware, pottery and a gallery dedicated to Galicia’s most famous modern artist, Alfonso Castelao. This alone justifies a visit.

Next door, the Fernández López building contains a collection of Spanish art from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the administrative offices of the museum. You may need to ask for this building to be opened.

The nearby Sarmiento building (51 c/. Sarmiento) is has 3 floors which provide ample space for temporary exhibitions and permanent (somewhat eclectic) displays of 16-18th century and contemporary Galician art, pottery, engravings, altar stones, milestones, engravings, hymn books, gramophones and funeral steles (whatever they are).

Finally, the ruins of the Santo Domingo convent (in Gran Via de Montero Rios, near the Town Hall) contain 14th and 15th century archaeological remains from various Galician sources.


The Laxeiro Foundation (www.laxeiro.es)

Vigo - C/. Policarpo Sanz, 15

Mon- Sat - 6 to 9.30pm
Sundays and Bank Holidays – 11am to 2pm
Free entrance

One of the rooms of this foundation, established in 1999, displays more than 60 works donated to the city of Vigo by the artist José Otero Abeledo ‘Laxeiro’. (1908-1996).  A second room houses temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists


The Fernández de Riego Museum

Vigo - Plaza de la Princesa, 2    986 226459

The donations made to the city of Vigo by Fernández del Riego form the collection of this museum, which is situated in the annexe of the Casa Galega da Cultura. One section of the exhibition follows the life of one of the founders of Galaxia, and the other displays works of painters such as Colmeiro, Maside, Laxeiro and Castelao.


The Vigo City Museum – Quiñones de Léon

Vigo - Parque de Castrelos  986 295070

This museum is located in the Quiñones de Léon mansion (pazo), which dates from the 17th century. Some of the ground floor living rooms of this palatial home have been re-created and displayed in these are objects linked to the history of the city. In the section given over to Galician art, there are works of Maside, Lugris, Colmeiro and Laxeiro, amongst others. There is also a section dedicated to prehistory and archaeology.


The Maritime Museum


This fine new museum was opened only in August, 2002. It is located at the end of the port area in Alcabre, 300 metres after Bouzas and just before Samil beach