There is a zoo in Vigo (986 810188)



The Casino on A Toxa/La Toja offers French and American roulette, blackjack, baccarat and slot-machines. Open 6pm to 4am

Thermal springs:


Go to the hotel in  Mondariz Balneario or the Gran Hotel in A Toxa/La Toja


As for Sports activities, here are brief details:-



Cruises are available for each of the rias, plus glass-bottomed boats in O Grove. Mooring and berths, and supplementary facilities, are available in Pontevedra, as well as at several other places along the coast



See under ‘Hunting’



The Real Aeroclub de Vigo is open all year round. Situated near the airport. Tel. 986 221160 and 486645



There is a private course in Moaña, near Vigo – Campo de Golf Ría de Vigo. Tel 986 327052

There is also a private (9 hole) course on the island of A Toxa/La Toja, near O Grove.  Tel. 986 730025

Your best bet, though, is probably the newish municipal course in the mountains, near Castrove To get to this, go to Raxo on the C550 out of Pontevedra to Sanxenxo and follow the signs first for the monastery of Armenteira and then those to the right for the Campo del Golfo



The easiest one to get to is in a corner of Praza Barcelos – ‘Gimsport’, c/ San Antonio, 2. Tel. 986 862344. There is underground parking in this square. There is also one in the leisure centre in Campo Longo, near Praza Galicia. And another in the new shopping and cinema complex next door to the railway station.




 Riding schools (Picadeiros/Picaderos)
1. Apalaoosa: c/ Hermida, 59, Pontevedra. Tel. 986 860655
. This is in Marcón, off the road from Pontevedra up to La Reigosa and Ponte Caldelas.
2. Picadero a Lagoa; c/ Lago de Castiñeiras, Mar
ín.  Tel. 986 702742. Up in the hills behind Marín, near Cotorredondo
3. Casa Grande de Caldepriñas: c/ Portoparad, Covelo  Tel. 986 650312.


Hunting and Fishing

I quote: ‘There are numerous areas in the valleys of Galicia, relatively near the coast, which offer the possibility of hunting and river fishing. For Pontevedra, enquiries should be directed to 4th floor, 47 Benito Corbal. Tel. 986 805458/00’. This is the HQ of the Agricultural Dept. of the Xunta of Galicia. Open 09.00 to 14.00



There is a court (‘Club Padel de Bao[Vao]’) behind the BricoKing store that you can see on your left as you drive out of Pontevedra on the C530 towards Vilagarcia.



See the brochure (Galicia a paso) available from the Turismo



There is a court in the leisure centre in Campo Longo, a short walk from Praza Galicia



There is a pool in the leisure centre in Campo Longo



There are courts in the private club Mercantil de Pontevedra, in Mourente just outside town on the old Ourense road.

There is also a private tennis club in A Caeira, up from the other side of the Barca bridge. Follow the signs, if you are really keen. They will certainly let you play on their fine outdoor/indoor courts for a fee. The basic fee is 60 Euros for a month’s 24 hours-a-day access to the tennis and paddle courts but shorter periods of access are negotiable.


Quad Bike/ATV riding

There is a company on the Morrazo peninsula - Cangas Aventura. Contact them on 677 401059 [mobile]. Driving licence necessary, of course.


For more adventurous pursuits, the Turismo should have a guide in the Portico de la Gloria series called ‘Turismo Activo’, which gives details of:-

This will probably only be available in Spanish or Gallego. But the details of places, phone numbers, web sites and prices are clearly intelligible. Unless you have banged your head too often doing one or more of the above.


It would seem that, if you want to do a bit of potholing, you are out of luck. Which may extend your life.