A year or two ago, I wrote a short dissertation on the old houses that were disappearing from our cityscape. Below are pictures of the sort of things that have been replacing them. But not in the city centre, of course; only on its edges or along the coast. Land is too valuable within the city to permit of anything there but yet another 7-storey block of flats. Within 20 years, or less, I predict there will be nothing left outside the old quarter but these.


Most of the modern houses are, to say the least, unattractive - even before you compare them with what went before - but some of them are downright repulsive. There are three basic categories:-


1. Modern but with at least some aesthetic appeal,


2. Built in the same idiom as Spain's funeral parlours - The tanatorio style, and


3. So modern as to resemble toilet blocks


The photos below progress in this direction, from tolerable to mindless. For the latter, I lay the blame on Galicia's ultra-popular architect, Csar Portela. The man responsible for the ludicrous - and unused - cemetery at Finisterra.















And, finally -  the prize-winner . . .