This event was inaugurated in 2000 and has grown greatly is size since then. It's not the only medieval fair in Galicia and may not be the best. But it is certainly on the way up and the amount of work which goes into it is truly impressive. As is the capacity of the city's residents to enjoy it.

A 16th century drinks dispenser

Medieval Celtic bagpipe group

Stalls in the Alameda, outside the old quarter

Dining outside Pontevedra's oldest building, on the left. The only one in town with Moorish elements, albeit restored recently.

Working the bellows in the town forge

Interesting combination of medieval Egyptian and Christian cross in Firewood Square

Nice example of banners in Firewood Square

Meat roasting outside the museum. Ironically, the balustrade in the background is due for demolition next week.

Dreamweavers in the main square

Blacksmith in the main square

Potter [medieval?] in the main square

Good example of the trouble taken to decorate buildings around the main square

Another example of the trouble taken. This time to recreate one of the old gates in the city walls.

Another medieval bagpipe group

Left over from Semana Santa, I suspect

Err . . medieval drummers

The site of the Jewish cemetery, not exactly being treated with the utmost respect.

Waiting for a donkey ride, in a location somewhat superior to Blackpool beach.

My favourite. Thank-you and Goodnight.